Fajita Seasoning - Baron Spices 

Suggested Use:

  • Excellent on fresh corn, French fries, bean dip, refried beans, hamburgers.
  • Season Chicken or beef or make a marinade with 1 TBSP of seasoning, 1/2 cup each of lime and orange juice, 2 TBSP olive oil and 2 TBSP cider vinegar for 1 lb. meat.


  • Ground blend of salt, spice, onion and garlic, lemon juice powder, and MSG.  Sprinkle on seasoning for beef and chicken.
  • Salt, Black Pepper, Deydrated Garlic, Lemon Juice Powder (Corn Syrup Solids, Lemon Juice Solids, Natural Lemon Flavor), Corn Starch, Dehydrated Onion, Soybean Oil, and not more than 2% Silicon Dioxide (added to prevent caking).

14 oz. of product in Jar.

Baron Spices.  Tripled sealed jar for freshness and quality - heat seal, lid, and plastic wrap on lid.   Jar lid has a shake dispense and spoon out dispenser flaps.

Contains No MSG.

Kosher: Yes.

SKU: 1360
Fajita Seasoning - Baron Spices

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