Old Time Spice Company

Benjamin Favier

Our Family business started in 1979  with the concept of bringing to consumers and the marketplace products that were high in quality, Unique in their market  and to provide these at the best prices.

Through the years we have continued to strive to give value and service to our customers and consumers.

We originally sold our products to just retail stores.  However as our customers would move out of  our service area they would call in still wanting to be able to purchase our products. 

This is what had us decide to create an online experience for our present , new and future customers who through a move or Covid-19  or just not being able to find our products be able to go online to our website and purchase these great products and have them delivered right to where they live.

The Baron Spices Retail line we have carried since 1985 and are the only approved distributor.

Through the years we have heard over and over what a great product it was and how reasonably priced they were for the amount of product you receive.  We have had repeat customers all through the years and new customers as they find out the quality of the Baron Spice Product. 

We pick up our spices weekly and so they do not sit on a warehouse shelf for months or perhaps years.

The freshness will be apparent to you instantly. 

 Also through our years in business we have partnered with a number of of manufacturers and distributors to bring some great and unique products to our list of items that we carry. 

We will continue to look for new and better products that will satisfy the varying need of our customers.

We want to say thank you to all of you who have been our customers through the years and to give a big hello and welcome to all of our new customers.  We are so glad to be of service to you and your family.  Happy Cookin’, Grillin’, Eatin’ and life.   Enjoy!

Baron Spices in Grocery Store

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