Smokin' Joe's Thick or Thin Patty Burgers

Smokin' Joe's Thick or Thin Patty Burgers

Benjamin Favier1 comment

Smokin' Joe's thick or thin patty burgers are a real crowd pleaser.  Smokin' Joe uses a hamburger meat press to get the desired thickness for each burger that your crowd craves.  Be it then or thick patties, here's how you do it:

Step 1 - Hamburger Press.

Start with a Hamburger patty press like this one:

bbq hamburger meat press

Step 2- Wax Paper.

Next Smokin' Joe suggests using Wax Paper to press the hamburger meat onto in the press which can also be found on a site like

hamburger patty wax paper


Step 3- Season The Meat.

 Next would be to hand work your ground beef hamburger meat by sprinkling on your preferred spices.  Smokin' Joe prefers Baron Spice's Garlic Pepper or Baron Spice's Burger and Fry Seasoning.

Then put a piece of 6" Wax paper in the bottom of the press.

Then set the thickness of the hamburger press to your desired thickness by adjusting the depth of the press and then fill the press with your ground beef that has been seasoned.  Press the meat and release.  Take out the patty and keeping the wax paper on the bottom of the patty and repeat as many times as you need burgers made.

Place on the grill and flip patties as needed on the grill.  


Step 4 - Toast the Bun.

Don't Forget the Bun!

For an extra special touch spread butter or Olive Oil on the insides of both layers of buns.  Then place the buns with the Buttered or Oiled sides facing down on the grill for just a few moments to give it that extra special taste to the whole Hamburger experience.


Step 5. - Serve and Enjoy!

Serve, and Enjoy!  Serve with your favorite BBQ sauce - we prefer Hogs 'N Heat, or Ketchup, Mustard and Pickles to choice and of course lettuce, onions and/or tomatoes.

Smokin' Joe's Hamburger

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Mary McEnery
Mary McEnery
Ben, the way you describe making Smokin Joe’s Patty Burgers reminds me of how my grandmother use to make them to grill and sell at the Sunset Drive-In that she and my grandfather operated in the 50’s and 60’s. When I was young, I would help my gma pat out the hamburgers for the concession stand at the drive-in. We would have tubs of hamburger, put wax paper on the patty press, use an ice cream scoop to put the meet on the press and cover the top with wax paper and press them. Everything was EXACTLY like you describe. This brought back such a wonderful memory. I’m going to have to make them this way again using the patty press, wax paper and some of your spices. Thanks for nudging the great memory with your description of Smokin Joe’s Patty Burgers. All the best! Mary McEnery

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