Smokin' Joe's BBQ Grilled Chicken Recipe

Smokin' Joe's BBQ Grilled Chicken Recipe

Benjamin Favier

Chicken Steamer - Whole chicken Recipe

 Purchase a whole chicken at your favorite  provider.

To be able to do this recipe properly you will need a chicken steamer which is a little ceramic flute you can purchase online or at a store.  Some people have called this Beer Chicken because of two things they use a can of beer as the liquid ingredient and then set the chicken on the can. 

The concept of this way to do chicken is because the liquid in the beer can or the steamer will slowly evaporate or steam and marinate the chicken while also keeping it moist.

 To get started clean chicken inside and out.  Pat the chicken dry with a towel or cloth.

Get a bottle of Virgin Olive Oil and pour some onto your palm and slowly cover the entire chicken make sure you get the legs and wings plus under them as well.

Now you have the oil on you can apply your favorite rub or seasoning.

 I recommend Baron Spice's Garlic Pepper

I recommend Baron Spice's Chicken Seasoning

You may also add to your taste Baron’s Cajun Seasoning and or Baron’s Soul food Seasoning for a little more kick.

Now  if you use a chicken steamer which I strongly recommend  fill it up with Hendrickson’s Dressing, which by the way also make a great marinade for a lot of grilling foods. You may also like to use your favorite beer instead in the steamer. 

Preheat grill to 275 degrees and slow smoke or cook about 35 minutes per pound.

You can put the heat higher and cook faster but you will lose some of the juice and tenderness.

If you have a temperature gauge I prefer the probe you can buy for 20.00 that has a digital read out on it

The chicken will be done when it get to 165 degrees

 Let it sit and cool for 10 minutes to preserve the juices before cutting it.

This is a fantastic to enjoy chicken.  It will be so savory and moist!  Enjoy Grill Masters! 

-Smokin’ Joe



Chicken Steamer


Chicken on Chicken Steamer


Grilled Chicken on Chicken Steamer


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