Smokin’ Joe’s Grilled Shrimp

Smokin’ Joe’s Grilled Shrimp

Benjamin Favier
Bourbon Glazed Bacon Wrapped Jumbo Shrimp and Grilled Shrimp Recipe.


 Shrimp Selection:

Size 16-20 per pound shrimp or larger frozen shrimp.  De-veined and de-shelled makes it easier.



2 sticks of butter, salted or un-salted, melted in a pan on the stove.  Glaze shrimp with butter.

Bourbon, Hogs 'N Heat BBQ Sauce, Shrimp Cocktail sauce.



Baron's Pork Rub for Bacon Wrapped shrimp recipe.

Baron's Lemon Pepper for skewered Grilled Shrimp.


Grill Temperature:

350 degrees


8-12 minutes on grill before flipping skewered shrimp.

10-15 minutes before removing bacon wrapped shrimp in pan to be glazed with bourbon bbq sauce shrimp cocktail recipe glaze.

10-15 minutes longer on grill after glazing.


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