Hendrickson's Pasta Salad & Cucumber Salad Recipes

Hendrickson's Pasta Salad & Cucumber Salad Recipes

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Use Hendrickson's dressing to make these 2 healthy and delicious recipes - Cucumber Salad and Pasta Salad.

Pasta Salad Recipe: 

Hendrickson's quick and easy pasta salad.... two cucumbers 4 tomatoes one red onion salt the cucumbers and one bottle of Hendrickson's chill before serving.

Add egg noodles of your choice.
8 oz cooked noodles.


Hendricksons Dressing Pasta Salad

Hendricksons Salad Dressing Pasta Salad 2


Cucumber Salad Recipe:

Peel and slice cucumbers.

Salt Cucumbers.  Let sit for 2 hours.  Drain.  Add Chopped Onion.  Add Chopped Tomatoes as an option.  Add Hendrickson's Salad Dressing.  Stir.  Then Serve.


Hendriksons Salad Dressing Cucumber Salad



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Pam Cattoor
Pam Cattoor
Love this dressing. I use this for my cucumber salad and family and friends love it. We also use it as a tenderizer when cooking steaks

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